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06 May 2008 @ 06:20 pm

New icons will be posted at our new community JIBICONS!
Cheetos_PWNS stays were it's at, we have all our icons stored here, and it's a cozy community ^^
Feel free to friend JIBICONS áswell ;)
Thanks everyone for watching, enjoy your stay!



18 icons from the 2 HQ released pics of Jared's TV Guide photoshoot with a surprise guest (LOL, the tags pretty much spoils it) and matching icons! { small batch }

They are a little photoshopped, but there was hardly any photoshopping needed xD.

018. Jared Padalecki [TVguide]
004. Jared y Jensen.

004. Jared y Jensen.



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28 April 2008 @ 04:47 pm
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028. Jared Padalecki [TVguide]
003. Jensen Ackles.
011. Justin Timberlake.
024. Supernatural: 3.13 Ghostfacers.




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